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Want to improve the relationships in your community, workplace, or school?

We can help. Restorative Justice Practices work!

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Prevent, mitigate, resolve and repair conflicts, minor and major.


Build a common language with common expectations among groups and across personal and professional sectors.

Our training teaches simple, practical, universally applicable skills that participants can learn today and start practicing tomorrow. We emphasize the daily-life use of these interpersonal tools in part to demonstrate the philosophy behind restorative justice.

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Implementation Design and Consulting

Design an implementation plan, with your trained team, that creates policies and procedures tailored to support your organization’s needs.

Without an implementation plan, training alone can dissipate with time and turnover. Our design process guides your team through our carefully-sequenced set of questions which your people answer since they are familiar with your organization’s culture. The resulting plan establishes specific actionable goals and timelines.

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Dispute, Problem-solving,
or Project-management Facilitation

Maximize your group’s efficiency with specific agreements about how all voices will be heard, how to embolden all parties to speak freely, and how to keep everyone at the table, even if hot emotions emerge – before the work at hand begins.

Diverse people, coming from diverse points of view, almost always run into conflicts when critical preliminary work gets skipped. Minor issues can fester into major stumbling blocks, eating up time. Whether managing a dispute or working toward a project, our Restorative Facilitators use an efficient process to arrive at mutual understandings that will avoid, mitigate and if necessary, repair conflicts.

With agreements in hand, Restoration’s circle process ensures that the resolutions and projects happen smoothly, without grinding gears that no one knew were there.

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Restorative Justice Conferencing

Ensure that all parties feel safe and heard when working on conflicts that are too complex or high-stakes to resolve safely without deep preparation

Conferencing is a structured protocol used internationally for addressing high-conflict matters that demand making amends to victims of harm or constructing contractual agreements designed to control unwanted behavior. Conferencing is appropriate for all levels of the justice system, domestic violence, serious family disputes, pre-termination human resources disputes, contentious special-education problems, and many other potentially explosive conflicts.

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All human organizations need RJP, from families to workplaces.

As a circle keeper, they were able to take into account everyone's needs in circle. They also created a comprehensive way to create community even though it was a virtual circle. When Lehidy provided an individualized consultation for a youth led circle I was facilitating they were able to answer questions about how to address substance use and safety concerns, create a space where youth can hold equitable power, and how to promote family resiliency that does not undermine the wisdom of youth.

Selene CalderónThe CHAT Project

Lehidy is a fantastic RJ cofacilitator. They and I worked together on a case that involved violence between a parent and a youth, and Lehidy was instrumental in helping the youth open up about the harm that had occurred. Their work with talking to youth about harm and accountability has helped me tremendously in learning what types of questions to ask and how to ask them in a way that allows youth to feel safe and supported.

TaraThe CHAT Project

In my time working with Lehidy at a Title I middle school in Denver, CO, I was able to learn many skills from her guidance, and fine-tune my restorative justice "toolbox." She is one of the few people who truly puts students and their needs and experiences at the forefront of what she does, and our entire school community benefitted from having worked with her.

Meghan VergaraStrive Prep

Lehidy was incredibly professional and has a wonderful way of connecting with students. The workshops she facilitated were both engaging and insightful. She enables students to discuss difficult topics in a way that is honest and sensitive. I'm looking forward to having her back!

Katie MacKrell, Student Assistance CounselorSouth Kingstown High School Guidance and School Counseling

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